Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flashback: Christmas 2003

The Kalamazoo Gazette bled with irony this morning. In the Faith and Spirituality section the columnist called for an end to violent toys for Christmas.

Meanwhile, local news reported that fifth grade students were treated to a 90-minute presentation by two U.S. Air Force reservists who had been stationed in Kuwait and Iraq earlier this year.

The teacher and a university intern (a teacher-in-training) planned the visit in an attempt to bring “history to life.” The students had been studying aviation since September.

The airmen showed students “artifacts of their time in Kuwait and Iraq.” Students also got a gander at an inert bullet, a gas mask and a small replica of a 500-pound general purpose bomb.

After a slide show and two videos of American soldiers in the Middle East, the room grew silent, according to the article, while images of bombs, sand storms and convoys were flashed before the students to the tune of “Proud to Be an American.”

At the end of the presentation, the reservists led all 19 students in the “Pledge of Allegiance” as they stood facing the American flag with their right hands resting over their hearts.

One eleven-year-old boy thought the visit was “cool” because he “got to see two people from Iraq that build bombs”

Another boy said that he appreciated receiving his own 30mm empty bullet cartridge that the reservists provided each of the students. He also liked the movies.

This event happened in Mattawan, a sleepy exurb of Kalamazoo where people fled to provide safe haven for their children from the big, bad city and its broken down schools.

Are such lessons on aviation preparation for the Bush Doctrine of permanent war or is this just the American version of the Hitler Youth Corps?

Will freedom-loving Americans ever wake up to what is happening in this country?

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